HCP participates in the UMA Job Fair with a talk on employability

HCP attends the Employment Fair at the University of Malaga to talk about employability

The University of Malaga (UMA) is celebrating this week its 9th Employment Fair, an initiative focused on bringing the world of work closer to university students in which HCP has participated with a presentation on employability given by Jacobo Higuera, Operations Manager of our architecture studio.

Jacobo Higuera went to the School of Architecture of the UMA to discuss with the future architects of our city some relevant issues to improve their employability. Our Operations Manager posed a fun question and answer game to the attendees, which gave rise to talk about fundamental issues for professional practice that are not usually addressed directly from the university. Keeping the focus on providing good customer service, the recurring tasks that are carried out in studios (such as building permit applications and other administrative procedures) or the importance of knowing where to consult regulations were some of the topics that came up as a result of this game.

Our Operations Manager also discussed some more corporate issues with the attendees, such as the values and characteristics we value most at HCP when recruiting our staff. “Being a good person, being a good partner, is key to a long-term career in our firm. Because if you are a good partner, the rest of the team will be more willing to help you when you need it, and you will do the same when someone else needs it. It will generate a better working environment, which will make us all come to work happier, and happy people work better,” Jacobo Higuera commented.

A good example of the importance of a good working environment is one of the data that Jacobo Higuera shared during the talk, pointing out that more than 70% of our current team has been trained by working “in-house”. “Our corporate philosophy is committed to hiring young talent. We value an open attitude to continuous learning and improvement,” explained our Operations Manager.

In addition, Jacobo Higuera offered the attendees some final advice with the aim of improving their employability, such as the importance of making the most of the university training stage or the relevance of personal skills such as organisation, time management or teamwork.

 We would like to thank the UMA for giving us this opportunity to approach the new generations of architects in Malaga, and especially the E.T.S. of Architecture and Professor María José Ballesteros for their warm welcome and involvement.