Interview with Jacobo Higuera in Design Marbella: “Building on a solid foundation, we are committed to growth, innovation, and digitalization.”

Interview for Design Marbella by Jacobo Higuera

Jacobo Higuera, Operations Director at HCP, “has architecture and business in his blood.” In an interview with Design Marbella, Jacobo shares his passion and vision for innovation, digitalization, and, above all, the importance of people in the architecture industry.

In the interview, Jacobo reveals how his early steps in different departments of HCP allowed him to better understand the company’s operations. This comprehensive experience has been crucial for his professional development and for HCP’s success, which has been recognized among the top 100 architecture firms in the world. According to Jacobo, this achievement would not have been possible without hiring and training young talent, as well as leveraging the knowledge and capabilities of senior talent, all while adhering to HCP’s founding values: quality work, commitment to clients, and rigor.

Jacobo also highlights HCP’s expansion into Arab countries, mentioning landmark projects such as Al Salam Hospital in Saudi Arabia and The Terminal or Juffair Square in Bahrain. These initiatives not only demonstrate HCP’s ability to manage international projects but also their commitment to quality and innovation in different cultural and geographical contexts.

Additionally, Jacobo describes the Costa del Sol as one of the most interesting national markets, with high growth potential due to its diversified appeal and the growing attraction of tech companies. Notable projects in this region include Residencial Nereidas and the Angsana Real de La Quinta Hotel, which reflect HCP’s ability to adapt and lead in dynamic markets.

In conclusion, the interview with Jacobo Higuera provides deep insight into how HCP combines tradition and innovation to stay at the forefront of the architecture industry. With a focus on human talent and strategic expansion, HCP continues to establish itself as a global leader in the sector.

From the HCP blog, we take this opportunity to thank Design Marbella for granting us the interview. If you want to read the full interview, visit the original article on Design Marbella.