Metros2 magazine interviews our colleague Jacobo Higuera

Metros2 magazine, dedicated to the real estate and construction sector, conducted an interview last February with our colleague Jacobo Higuera Mata, director of business development at HCP.

In the interview, Higuera was able to comment on some of our goals, such as the intention to continue expanding HCP’s presence in the international markets.

“We want the international branch to account the 30-40% of the volume of business in the next five years,” he stressed.

Based on this objective, at HCP we continue to have reliable geographic areas in which we have been working for years and have been able to establish our foundations.

Specifically, the Middle East, which in the words of Higuera “remains our main international market”.

On the other hand, our colleague highlighted the work with BIM in the article, a sector in which the training of the team is continuous.

“Our intention is always to stay at the forefront of the market and always give our best”, Higuera stated.

“The idea has always been to be excellent at what we do and focus our efforts on improving the service we provide, rather than expanding our areas of action, and I think that makes us focus and always try to be the best at what we do”, he explained.

See the full interview below.