The HCP Team Shows Its Most Charitable Side This Christmas With Various CSR Actions

At HCP we wanted to approach certain terms such as “sustainability”, “inclusion”, “visibility” or “responsibility” in a broader way than is usually done in our sector, linking them to projects. To this end, this Christmas we have launched several Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) actions, several of them in Malaga and Madrid, two of the cities where we have offices.

On the one hand, we have developed some collaborative CSR actions, in which the solidarity of our team has been very important:

  • From the Malaga office we have collected food for Bancosol, the Food Bank of the Costa del Sol (a non-profit organisation that belongs to the Spanish Federation of Food Banks, FESBAL). In total, we managed to donate approximately 150 kilos of food.
  • Another CSR action in Malaga has been the collaboration with Madre Coraje, focusing on the donation of clothes, books and toys in good condition. In this way, this non-profit association will distribute these products among families in Malaga so that they have a Christmas “detail”.
  • Our CSR action in Madrid has focused on collaborating with Cachito de Cielo, a non-profit volunteer organisation located next to our headquarters. In this case, our colleagues have made the Christmas wishes of several families come true, buying the food or clothes they have asked for in their letters to the Three Wise Men.

In addition, from our architecture and engineering studio we also wanted to collaborate with UNICEF’s “Blue Gift” action to donate 222 therapeutic food kits to fight against severe malnutrition.

We are especially grateful to our team for having participated in such a supportive way in the proposed CSR actions, contributing to sustainability, responsibility and inclusion directly reaching the people around us and brightening up their Christmas. At HCP we know that we all have to continue working together towards sustainability, understood not only in environmental, but also in economic and social terms.