In-house training: this week we learn about metal cladding and building solutions together with Alucoil and Hilti

At HCP we believe that the continuous training of our team is key to offer our clients the best service and to allow our people to maintain a sustained growth throughout their professional life. In this regard, we are promoting two different training programmes in our firm:

  • On the one hand, those offered by our own firm, specific for certain professional segments or for our entire staff. A good example of this is our continuous training in BIM.
  • On the other hand, we sometimes have companies that are experts in their field come to our offices to explain to our team the latest trends and innovations that we can apply in architecture and engineering.

Within this second training category, this week Hilti and Alucoil came to our offices in Malaga and Madrid, respectively, to update us on solutions for building projects.

Specifically, from Hilti, on the one hand, they explained technical solutions (anchor fixings, façade systems, steel fixings, light structure, concrete connections, rehabilitation, installation systems and detection systems). In addition, the talk also focused on training on solutions in building projects: fixing plates and temporary works, rehabilitation and reinforcement of structures, façade systems and passive fire protection.

For their part, Alucoil came to visit us again to give the same talk at our headquarters in Madrid that our colleagues in Malaga had attended a few weeks ago. In their case, the training was focused on metal cladding: panels and applications in marine environments, installation systems in ventilated facades, perforation of panels, control of the execution of a facade and paint qualities.

Throughout 2023 we have already implemented a total of 10 training courses of this type in our offices in Malaga and Madrid. This training system has very high attendance figures, which indicates a great interest of our people in improving their training, as these talks are voluntary.