Plaza de la Merced

Client: Ayuntamiento de Málaga
Location: Malaga (Spain)
Status: Tendering

Proposal to create a multifunctional space in the historic center of Malaga

The aim of the international ideas competition "Astoria-Victoria" was to enhance the value of this highly relevant enclave located in the historic centre of Malaga. Our proposal is based on the design of a multifunctional container which, while serving as a boost for artists born in the city, offers visitors an interactive experience. The volumetry is conceived as an extension of the public space, opening towards the Plaza de la Merced and the Alcazaba, responding to the nearby urban environment in its rigid and sculptural geometry. The façade also serves as a visually groundbreaking element, as it is formed by a photovoltaic glass skin incorporating a system of solar panels with LED lights