HCP will participate in the design of the European Commission HQ in Seville

Proudly informing that we will actively participate in the design of the headquarters of the Joint Research Center of the European Commission in Seville.

A project in which 25 million euros will be invested and which will be led by one of the most prestigious studios in the world, Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG).

HCP will work as a local architect after the proposal together with BIG won the architecture competition, to which 66 companies submitted.

The design spans 7,400 square meters and will be heavily influenced by local culture. In this sense, from HCP we will bet on combining tradition and avant-garde, seeking inspiration in the Andalusian streets and patios to transfer you to the innovative ecosystem of the building.



In terms of sustainability, we highlight that a roof will be built based on square pergolas, supported by pillars at decreasing heights, on which 9,000 square meters of solar panels will be placed that will generate twice the energy that the building needs for its operation.

At the same time, these pergolas will offer 11,000 square meters of shade.

The complex will be located on Isla de la Cartuja and will house around four hundred researchers from this center of the European Commission, where the European Artificial Intelligence Observatory is located.


The award of this project, for its part, has captured the attention of the media throughout the country.

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