Beatriz Martínez, Head of Urban Planning at HCP, in the WIRES special issue of Observatorio Inmobiliario

Observatorio Inmobiliario, one of the most relevant media in the real estate sector in Spain, has published this month the special issue “Together we add more: the contribution of WIRES to the real estate sector”. In this special issue, which focuses on the contribution of the members of WIRES (Women In Real Estate Spain) to the real estate industry, prominent people in the sector have also been invited to give their opinion on various topics of interest, and the media wanted to count on the participation of HCP, whose spokesperson on this occasion has been Beatriz Martínez, our Director of Urban Planning.

Specifically, Beatriz shared her opinion on the attractiveness of the hotel sector for investors in this WIRES special: “For many years the Spanish hotel sector has been very attractive for national and international investors, although in recent years there has been a notable increase in foreign operators through the asset light model, which allows them to reduce investment but share a percentage of the profits as it is based on management or franchising, rather than ownership. However, although the Spanish hotel sector has managed to attract the interest of funds, to maintain this interest it needs to continue working on promoting the “Spain brand” and consolidating it as a synonym of excellence for both guests and investors. This implies, on the one hand, continuing to invest in attracting customers, especially a premium target that wants to live a more exclusive experience and, therefore, is more interested in the quality of the service offered and the hotel facilities; and, on the other hand, optimising the profitability of the accommodation,” says Beatriz.

In this sense, our director of Urbanism and Planning emphasises that the aid provided by the Administration through the European Next Generation fund can help the hotel sector to modernise, focusing especially on improving energy efficiency. For example, they can replace boilers, change lighting and glazing systems, renovate roofs or even use and integrate renewable energies, which has a very positive impact on the profit and loss accounts of tourism companies,” he says.

In her opinion article in the WIRES special, Beatriz highlights that the ecological transition is one of the keys to the recovery of the hotel sector and at the same time should be a stimulus for increased investment, together with advances in digitisation and improved competitiveness. “Greater bureaucratic agility, with the application of regulations at a state level and not by autonomous communities, is also a factor that would contribute to substantially increase the attraction of international investment,” she adds.

From our blog we would like to take this opportunity to thank Observatorio Inmobiliario for always taking HCP and our team into account as a reference in our sector, as well as the WIRES association for the magnificent work it has done during these eight years of existence to increase the visibility of women and promote their participation in the decision-making departments of companies.