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In order to demonstrate HCP’s commitment to ethical values and best practices in regulatory compliance, we offer the possibility of communicating through an Ethics Channel, completely confidentially and anonymously, any suspicion of non-compliance with our company’s Code of Ethics and/or current regulations.

This Ethical Channel is intended to facilitate the communication of possible irregular conduct or conduct that is considered unethical or inappropriate, and can be used by all the people who make up our staff, as well as by our clients, suppliers or any other interest group that has a direct relationship with HCP.

What kind of communications can be made through our Ethics Channel?

HCP’s Ethics Channel is intended to receive communications related to serious or very serious criminal or administrative offences, such as, for example:

  • Fraud and fraud
  • Crimes against privacy, such as actions related to the disclosure of secrets
  • Intellectual property offences
  • offences against the tax authorities and social security authorities
  • Offences against the environment
  • Influence peddling
  • Offences against workers’ rights
  • In general, any action that conflicts with the company’s Code of Ethics.

How does the HCP Ethics Channel work?

Our Ethics Channel is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Communications recorded through it can be made either in an identified or anonymous form, verbally or in writing. Confidentiality will always be respected to the extent permitted by law and in line with the requirement to investigate the alleged act or offence reported, as the company is obliged to report any possible criminal acts to the relevant authorities.

The communications received in our Ethics Channel are managed through an external provider, who is responsible for passing them, confidentially and anonymously, to an internal Ethics Committee that determines how to proceed.