Learning about sustainability and decarbonisation with Holcim

Commitment to our customers, efficiency and teamwork. These are the corporate values that have defined HCP since our beginnings, almost forty years ago, and which are still very much present in our company today. Our values guide us in the way we work on our projects, in the way we take care of our people and in the way we face the necessary changes to keep our studio up to date, and all of this is reflected in actions such as the training talks we are giving together with Holcim, a company specialising in sustainable construction. In a competitive and constantly evolving environment, knowing the latest advances in sustainability and decarbonisation is absolutely necessary to maintain the standards of rigour and innovation with which we always work at HCP.

Through a series of three training talks, which will be held both in our Malaga office (our headquarters) and in Madrid, our team of architects and engineers will update their knowledge on sustainability and decarbonisation with experts from the Holcim team.

The first session took place on Thursday 5 October, and addressed some fundamental aspects of sustainability and decarbonisation to make our buildings “greener” and more environmentally friendly:

  • Control of C02 emissions in Europe and evolution of the cost of C02 emission allowances.
  • Holcim’s decarbonisation: reduction of C02 from cement through a series of “green” measures such as the substitution of fossil fuels or the use of renewable energies.
  • Decarbonising construction to build better through the use of low-carbon materials or sustainable design techniques.
  • Practical approach to the processes of decarbonisation of cities, with special emphasis on LEED and BREEAM certifications, the Holcim Green Book, the BIM Library or examples of added value solutions in concrete.
  • Unique construction with a commitment to new constructions based on “recycling”.

In the next two training sessions, planned for November and December, our team will be able to go deeper into these aspects and take a more practical approach, with some success stories on site, which will serve as inspiration and a basis for us to continue developing efficient and durable buildings that meet all the requirements in terms of sustainability. In this way, we also provide all our people with the necessary training resources to further advance their careers.

Thanks to Holcim for these interesting learning sessions on sustainability and decarbonisation!