Amwaj Boutique Hotel

In Manama, the capital of Bahrain, in the Amwaj district, this plot is located with an area of ​​33,900 m2, trapezoidal in shape, with a buildable area of ​​21,000 m2, whose north side faces the sea, and has vehicular access to the southeast and southwest . The hotel has a main body in the shape of a sinusoid that runs through the plot from east to west, formed by two bands that separate, leaving a central intermediate space that participates in the 4 heights of the building.

The ground floor is accessed through a large esplanade with gardens and fountains, with several parking spaces. Once in the lobby, we find a large space full of vegetation and water fountains, which provides a tropical environment, to which vertical circulations, lounges, bar, restaurant, buffet, shops and administration converge. On the next three floors we find the rooms, 134 units, which are accessed by trays that overlook this large space and that illuminate and ventilate the outside.

In addition, we must add, to complete the housing offer, 10 villas that are located on the beachfront.

The gardens have the particularity that they let in a tongue of sea that with the pools make up an attractive set of fresh and salty waters, duplicate the perimeter of the beach with terraces that are also an expansion of bars and restaurants and connect with the private beach and the pier . Finally, at the western tip, a themed restaurant is proposed as part of the complex, which connects with the hotel gardens and the villas. It is provided with its own access and parking so that it can function independently.

36.050 M²
23.302 M²
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