Learning about hydronic systems with Giacomini

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Learning about hydronic systems with Giacomini

It is becoming increasingly common for installations to integrate hydronic systems, which means that they use water to transport heat. With the aim of learning more about it, this week we organised a new training session at our Malaga headquarters with Giacomini, a business group specialising in the production of components and systems for the distribution of heating, air-conditioning and sanitary water for residential, industrial and tertiary sectors.

In order to better understand hydronic systems, the training day started with two key questions (why and where does the water circulate), and then went on to explore balancing techniques and energy saving strategies.

In terms of balancing techniques, we learned about reverse return, static and dynamic balancing, differential pressure control and valves. In terms of energy saving systems, both new buildings and retrofit projects are looking for energy efficiency. As we saw with Giacomini, these saving solutions for hydronic systems are based on low-temperature production, radiant systems, centralised dual-flow VMC, thermodynamic dehumidification and high-efficiency hydrothermal DHW.

Many thanks to Giacomini for organising such an enjoyable and practical training!

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