HCP goes team building to reinforce our corporate culture

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HCP Team Building escape room in Malaga and Madrid

At HCP we like to say that we are a “family”, and this means, on the one hand, that we are a family business, but it also means that over almost 40 years of experience we have been creating an ever larger “family“.

This 2023, which is about to come to an end, at HCP we wanted to encourage good relations between the people in the team, so we have organised various activities in which we share laughter and good times inside and outside the workplace.

We started with monthly beers, followed by the celebration of the Fun at Work Day or the organisation of paddle tennis tournaments, and this November we have incorporated a new action: the participation in escape room activities in our Malaga and Madrid offices.

With a participation of almost 50 people, more than half of our staff took part in this activity. Divided into random groups, all participants had to work as a team and make use of all their ingenuity and creativity to find the clues that would give them “freedom”. An exercise that allowed us to get to know each other a little better in a very relaxed atmosphere.

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