The competition for this building is located in Malaga’s municipality, specifically in the S-4 plot of the SUP T2 sector. It was created to provide this area of ​​the city with an Educational Center. The project design composed of a single exempt block develops professional training’s dominant use, compatible with other complementary uses.

Thanks to its design’s uniqueness, the proposal allows the development of various spaces among which we find: conference rooms, study rooms, cafeteria, offices, office areas, classrooms, service centers, and terraces—all of them interacting with each other at all levels in a grouped way. The particularity of this volume is located in its interior, thanks to a hall emphasized by a triple-height atrium with its glass front face, which visually communicates all levels with the exterior garden areas and that virtually divides the ground floor in two, giving this space great personality, and thanks to which a unique sensation is achieved for the user.

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