“We are one of the most experienced studios in hotel architecture”

The Observatorio Inmobiliario magazine, a benchmark in our sector, has dedicated its latest issue to the tourism sector under the special “Spanish tourism, close to recovery”, and in it includes an in-depth interview with Javier Higuera Mata, HCP’s Business Development Director, to talk about hotel architecture.

In this interview, Javier Higuera highlighted HCP’s know-how in hotel architecture by emphasising our data: since our creation, we have delivered more than 4,300 hotel rooms. In addition, we are currently working on seven hotel projects, with special emphasis on some projects on the Costa del Sol.

Another of the key points of the interview was to find out how we are working at HCP to position ourselves as a reference in hotel architecture. In this case, the new communication and marketing strategies that offer new and very interesting opportunities for architecture studios were highlighted. Attendance at trade fairs, the use of offline or online positioning mechanisms or new communication channels are some of the factors mentioned by our Business Development Director.

Hotel architecture projects, among the keys to our good results

In addition to finding out about the hotel architecture projects we have underway, Observatorio Inmobiliario wanted to address some key issues for HCP, including our growth forecasts for 2023. Javier Higuera reveals that although a certain stabilisation is expected, HCP expects to achieve growth figures of around 15%, in line with previous years. To this end, he points out, among other things, how relevant the good performance of cities such as Malaga and Madrid is, two very important enclaves for HCP, which are also at the forefront of the national market.

Likewise, the interview also emphasises a fundamental aspect for architectural projects, such as sustainability. In this aspect, our Business Development Director focuses especially on how this issue is being addressed in hotel architecture projects, for which the hotel sector is betting on a strong modernisation. The increasing use of renewable energy sources, the investment in the replacement of boilers, the change of lighting and glazing systems or the renovation of roofs are some of the aspects highlighted by Javier Higuera.

If you are interested in reading Javier Higuera’s interview for Observatorio Inmobiliario in full, you can do so in this direct link to the media (only for subscribers), or in this one to his LinkedIn profile (pages 56 and 57), where you can access the whole special.