Javier Higuera: “The sector is reinventing itself and we will work very hard to keep growing at a good pace”

Last June, Observatorio Inmobiliario, one of Spain’s leading sector publications, held a new edition of its editorial breakfasts. On this occasion, the central theme of the event was “The housing revolution: new ways of living“, and among the group of experts invited to debate was Javier Higuera Mata, director of HCP’s Business Development department.

This week, the media has collected some of the statements made by Javier Higuera during the meeting regarding the incredible transformation that the residential sector is undergoing. “Although we are living in a time of great uncertainty due to costs, interest rates, war and politics, the sector is reinventing itself and, although we are going to have to work very hard, we will have no problem growing at a very good pace,” said our director of Business Development.

The shortage of real estate offer, the increase in the cost of construction materials, the legal changes needed to attract private investment, industrialisation and new residential models (such as coliving) were some of the issues that were raised at the round table discussion. “We are taking the right steps to have a significant percentage of industrialised housing,” said Javier Higuera, although he pointed out that in Spain we are still far from reaching the figures of other countries in terms of industrialisation. While in our country industrialised housing barely represents 3% of the total, in other European countries (especially the Nordic countries) it already represents 30%.

Likewise, sustainability is one of the great challenges facing the sector, and has been a very important criterion for years for all the members of the sectorial chain, although the Business Development Director of HCP has the feeling that the end buyer still does not include sustainability among the essential factors when evaluating the purchase of a home. “Sustainability is already a very important aspect for all developers, even if the end user is not yet fully aware of its true importance,” says Javier Higuera.

Javier Higuera, Business Development Director at HCP, was joined by eight leading experts from the sector: Carolina Roca (President of ASPRIMA), David Botín (General Manager of Real Estate Services at Aedas Homes), Casilda Mulliez (Director of Expansion at Urban Campus), Daniel Cuervo (Secretary General of APC Spain), Javier Bermejo (General Manager of Profine Iberia at Kömmerling), Angélica Tarrasa (responsible for the real estate developers and architects channel at Schneider Electric), Pablo Bruguier (sales manager at ASG Homes) and Nicolás Díaz (senior advisor at ESCP Business School). Together they were able to give a comprehensive overview of the current situation facing the real estate market in Spain, as well as elucidate on future trends and challenges.

From our blog we would like to thank Observatorio Inmobiliario for including Javier Higuera in this debate forum and giving us the opportunity to listen to the opinion of great professionals in the sector, as well as to share our vision on specialised architecture in the real estate sector.